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Tax Returns & Taxation Advice

We take the stress out of tax time by providing a friendly approach to your tax compliance and providing guidance in easy to understand language. We work closely with you to provide the best tax planning solutions and obtain the best tax result each and every year. We understand that tax law can be difficult to navigate which is why we’ll offer you guidance every step of the way. We have over 40 years of experience, and you can count on us for the utmost professionalism, attention to detail and friendly services.

PAL Accounting & Advisory take the time to understand your individual situation, answer all your questions and suggest the best solution that works for you. We are a registered tax agent with the Tax Practitioners Board and a member of the National Tax & Accounting Association (NTAA).

Our Taxation service

Our experienced tax advisers are here to help you navigate your tax and accounting responsibilities. We are dedicated to providing you with proactive solutions and therefore we developed a complete range of services to address your needs. 

Our taxation services include:

  • Income tax returns for business and individual clients
  • Tax planning
  • Tax structuring
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Payroll tax
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • ATO dispute resolution & overdue lodgments

tax planning

Our goal is to keep you informed on the latest legislative developments and capitalise on all legal opportunities to lower your taxes. Tax planning allows you to minimise your tax liability and maximise cash flow.

Contact our experts to discuss tax planning strategies for you.

tax structuring

Our team will always ensure that you are provided the best advice when it comes to tax structuring. We will review your current structure or advise on a new structure, that will minimise the amount of tax you or your business has to pay.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

If you are running a business you will likely have GST obligations. We can provide advice on registration for GST, complying with your GST obligations and preparation and lodgment of your Business Activity Statements (BAS).

Fringe benefit tax (FBT)

A fringe benefit is a payment made to an employee in a form other than salary or wages. Examples of fringe benefits include providing motor vehicles, employee loans, gym memberships etc. FBT is paid by employers on certain fringe benefits that they provide. FBT is separate to income tax and is calculated on the taxable value of the fringe benefit.

We can provide advice on FBT obligations, prepare and lodge FBT returns, provide advice on salary packaging and assist with any other FBT related advice.

payroll tax

Payroll tax is a state based tax calculated on the value of wages paid to employees. There are a number of different thresholds and exemptions to consider when calculating your payroll tax liability. At PAL Accounting & Advisory we have extensive knowledge with payroll tax and can guide you with advice and preparation and lodgment of your payroll tax obligations.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

When selling a business or capital asset you will likely trigger a CGT event which requires reporting to the ATO and calculation of any gain or loss on the disposal. There are many things to consider when calculating CGT including your structure, the time you have held the asset as well as access to any small business concessions.

We can provide advice on potential CGT implications of a sale as well as calculate your CGT gain or loss to include in your income tax return.

ATO dispute resolution

If you have a problem with the ATO, whether due to a dispute or overdue lodgments, our friendly team can help. We have strong relationships with the ATO and can work with you to find a suitable outcome that works for both you and the ATO.

We are experts in overdue lodgments and believe that no job is too big or too difficult. If you have multiple years tax returns outstanding, we can help. We will prepare a plan for you to get up to date and guide you through the process whilst also liaising with the ATO to ensure they are fully aware of the circumstances. We can apply for deferrals with the ATO to allow us additional time to get you compliant. Once lodgments are up to date, if you have a tax liability, we can work with you and the ATO to put a payment plan in place, whilst also working on your behalf to have any fines, penalties and interest remitted, depending on the circumstances.

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