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Estate Planning, Succession Planning & Asset Protection

At PAL Accounting & Advisory we not only help you build your business and personal wealth, we also proactively assist with the protection and transfer of that wealth to your family or other beneficiaries. Our approach to protecting your wealth encompasses three main areas, estate planning, succession planning and asset protection.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the strategic passing of wealth to your nominated beneficiaries. These may include your spouse, children, grandchildren or any other beneficiary. Whilst many believe simply completing a will is a satisfactory plan, this can often lead to issues for your family when you pass away including increased tax payable and legal challenges from disgruntled family members such as former spouses, estranged children and any other eligible beneficiary.

We believe that Estate planning should take a holistic approach, which is why we take time to consider all of your circumstances and wishes to put together a detailed plan to ensure that your wealth ends up in the right hands.

Services we offer:


As part of preparing your detailed plan, we liaise with lawyers to have your will drafted based upon your wishes.

         Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)

Your attorney looks after your personal and financial affairs in the case of incapacity. As part of our planning we liaise with lawyers to have your EPOA documented so that you are cared for in the event of any incapacity.

         Advanced Health Care Directives

Provides an instructional directive about your wishes in relation to health care upon incapacity and this forms an important part of any plan.

         Bloodline Trusts

Bloodline Trusts ensure that your wealth is protected for the benefit of your bloodline.

         SMSF Wills

SMSF Wills ensure that your super benefits from your SMSF are transferred to the appropriate beneficiary and in the most tax effective way.

Succession planning

Planning for the future is an important process for any business owner. This includes an exit strategy which ensures the successful transition of your business whilst also achieving your personal goals. Whether you want to sell the business or keep the business in the family, we will work closely with you to understand all of your needs, develop a detailed plan and assist with the implementation so that you achieve your desired results.

Asset Protection

Asset protection involves strategic planning to reduce the risk of attack on your assets. Effective asset protection involves planning for the future in a way that delivers maximum asset control, taxation flexibility and the very best of protection for your assets.

Our strategic planning involves reviewing your circumstances thoroughly, identifying potential risks and implementing a structured plan to minimise risk.

Some asset protection strategies we use include:

- isolating business assets from trading activities using different entities
- isolating investment assets from risk
- segmenting risk so that riskier activities are separated
- transferring assets to individuals at less risk
- use of loans and PPSR protection
- equity gift and loan back
- use of trusts for the effective transfer of assets

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